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Manuscript Assessment  •  Developmental Editing  •  Line Editing  •  Brainstorming & Consultation

Novels.  Graphic novels.  Short-form literature.
Whatever form your story takes, editing will make it better.
I'm here to help.

"Amy continues to give insights that are perceptive, honest, and extremely helpful. She has a wonderful natural instinct for storybuilding, and hones her feedback with the keen eye of a skilled practitioner. Moreover, she has the rare ability to be both kind and forthright as she illuminates the paths forward. Her input revived my writing process as she showed me the structural strengths and weaknesses and outlined potential solutions for my cross-genre graphic novel. I trust her immensely and recommend Amy without hesitation.”

— Adrielle Munger, editor and first-time author


Manuscript Assessment

Let’s say you’ve just completed a draft of your project. Congratulations! But how do you know whether it needs more work or if it’s ready for publication? Or perhaps you’ve spent the better half of the past two years working on this story and now you’re too close to it. What kind of work might it need, and how do you find out?

Guess what? You’re at the appropriate stage to seek a manuscript assessment!

Once I read your manuscript, I'll pinpoint the elements of your story that feel underdeveloped or overworked, provide suggestions for broad changes, and offer recommendations for the next step. The excellent news is that this assessment will improve not only your current project, but your craft as a writer.

You’ll receive an editorial letter with my first impressions and in-depth feedback, as well as an hour-long discussion session. Are you ready for some more great news? I’ll offer any editing service you need after this at a discount!

This is a one-off service, though you may want to seek an assessment after each major revision your story goes through. Pricing is per manuscript page (1 manuscript page = 250 words, according to the Editorial Freelancers Association) and falls within the EFA’s pricing standards.


Developmental Editing

This is big picture editing, all about revision. When would be a good time for this service? Optimally, as soon as your manuscript has been completed. Or if you’ve gone through a few revisions and have hit a wall. Or if you know you have a great story but just can’t finish the project. Or even if you’ve got a nagging hunch that something is off about your book, but you can’t pinpoint it—and you wouldn’t know what to do about it if you could.

So why get a developmental editor? Because I can help you fix all of that! With my insight into plot, characters, and worldbuilding, honed from instinct and years of critiquing stories, I'll find plot holes and breathe fresh life into flat characters that need more purpose. All writers want their stories to flow, but struggle with what they need to let go of to free its inner magic.

I want your story to be the best it can be.

What will you receive? You’ll get my in-line comments as well as an editorial letter with my thoughts and suggestions for your next phase of revisions. We’ll also arrange an hour-long meeting to discuss the feedback. Rest assured, I’ll have plenty of warm-hearted suggestions and encouragement for how to take the next step!

You’re not in this alone.

Pricing is hourly, and falls within the pricing standards of the Editorial Freelancers Association.


Line Editing

Unlike developmental editing, which approaches the themes and elements of your story with broad strokes, line editing is like taking a fine-mesh comb to your prose.

Focusing on style, word choice, consistency, and content, I’ll go line by line through your manuscript and enhance its readability. Your readers will be awed by the clarity of your prose, the immersion of the setting, the fleshed out characters and the effectiveness of their dialogue. I’ll let you know where the pacing flags or speeds too quickly; every writer slips at times into saying too much or not enough. We’ll work together to strike that perfect balance.

I’ve got phrasing instincts and technical know-how. All you need to know is how to write a good story.

You’ll receive in-line comments and an editorial letter to guide you during revisions. We will also arrange for an hour-long meeting to discuss the feedback and next steps.

Pricing is hourly, and falls within the pricing standards of the Editorial Freelancers Association.


Brainstorming & Consultation

Brainstorming. Dreamstorming. Writing consultation.

Got writer’s block? Maybe all you need is to be asked the right questions. I’ll approach with tried-and-true strategies to reframe the problem in your mind, and be your sounding board till you can see your way again.

This is your opportunity to chat one-on-one with a story expert. I'm happy to advise on writing techniques, flesh out ideas, and offer support and inspiration. I'm particularly well-versed in worldbuilding, so if this isn't a strength of yours, don't hesitate to reach out!

I’ll make myself available in person over tea, through a phone call, or on Skype, to discuss the topics of your choice in open and creative discourse. I'll accept up to ten double-spaced pages of your manuscript or outline to review before the meeting so that we can focus our time together on what you need most.

Meetings can be 30 minutes or an hour long. Pricing is per half hour and includes my verbal review of ten double-sided pages I receive in advance of our meeting.



Other projects or services

Don't see a service that fits your need? Talk to me and we'll tailor something new to suit your story. All you have to do is ask!


How much it costs depends on the size and scope of the project and service requested.